Mobile Apps for Ham Radio

How may of you guys have tried those mobile app for hamradio.


RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box—turn your two-way radios into a real repeater

What is a repeater box? What can a repeater achieve?


The frequency of most of the handheld walkie-talkie on the market is 400-470MHz, and the max output power is 5W which the effective talking range is about 5-8KM(only in wide-open area). In some area such as in the city with tall buildings, the range is only 1-2 km, in some case it got only few hundred meters!

In order to realize the long-distance communication, we need repeater. But the price of normal manufacturer of repeater is very high, so this new type repeater is just launched! The operation is very simple, it’s without power supply! And do not need to change any part of the radio. All you need is just two handheld radios, put the jack into the headset and the speaker mic (2.5mm&3.5mm) with this radio repeater box, it become a very practical small repeater!


With this RPT-2D Two Way Radio Repeater Box, both of the radios can transmit and receive in VHF band or UHF band.



Baofeng GT-3 might be different after all

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*Update*: I posted a review, please click here.

When Brick wrote about the radio I shrugged. Yet another UV-5R variety? Oh please! I did like the looks though.

Baofeng GT-3However, a recent Baofeng news bulletin says the following about this ‘limited edition’:

Fujian Nanan Baofeng Electronic Co., Ltd, world’s leading provider of high-performance ham transceivers today officially unveils its brand new flagship ‘GT-3’ Two-Way Radio, in cooperation with US-based industrial design partner SainSonic. This is a limited edition that offers an excellent combination of performance, endurance and style.

Utilizing the latest RDA1846S RF IC, GT-3 excels in real-world performance with its enhanced anti-interference capability. In addition, GT-3 provides a new noise-reduction feature for noises caused by severe signal intensity changes and tail tone elimination when transmitting or receiving signals between 50Hz with 55Hz.

Further powered by the state-of-the-art RDA5802N RF Receiver Chip, GT-3 delivers an ideal balance of optimum…

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How to operate RA-60C Antenna Analyzer

Basic Operations
Basic Operation of using this antenna analyzer
1. At the top of the antenna analyzer is a rotary knob of digital coding, which is mainly used for frequency setting and stepper increase or decrease when querying.


In VFO mode: You can adjust the stepper of frequency by pressing the switch. Press the switch 2­5 seconds to power on or power off the machine.

2. There are four function keys on the screen with different meaning in different interface. Please operate it  according to the prompts.


3. Below left of the SCAN interface is a antenna signal strength icon. When you are not doing the test, this icon shows interference field strength of the antenna. And when you start the test, the icon represents the status of existing power output.

4. On the Single scanning screen, there is a S­-Antenna signal strength indicator. It is a simple indicator of the antenna RF field, which is the same as the antenna signal strength icon on Scan testing interface.

Antenna Measurement Operation 1 (Scan mode):
1) In the start screen, press the SCAN measuring button, it will automatically enter “Scan Set” interface.

a. Press SPAN key and choose the proper SCAN measuring bandwidth
b. Rotate coding potentiometer and input the centet frequency.

c. Press SCAN key to start the scanning.

2. After the measurement, it will automatically enter “Present”  analyzing interface.( Some verisons might come “Result”, it’s the same)

In this interface, you have 3 operations,
a. Press the “Graph” icon mode button to switch curve shows the results of the scan mode, in addition to The SWR curve, there is the Z curve, R curve, X curve.

b, Rotate the cursor and check the parameter of each scan frequency points on the curve.

c. Move the cursor to view the results of the scan data in the process, you can press “RUN” button to rescan from the current cursor position, if you need to change the bandwidth of a new scan, you can press the “Scan Set” key to enter the measurement setup screen, at this point the cursor will automatically move into the frequency parameter measurement screen, after setting­ScanSet­(Scan Settings), press “SCAN” button to scan.)
Also return­Present­(Scan Results view, some revisions are labeled as­Result­) interface operation.

Save and Read Scan Data:
When unit is power off, it will automatically save the last set of scan data into memory. If the power is on again, and you do not operate a scan, the data it saved last time is valid because it won’t be coverwritten. The operation is like this: power on the device,
A, Press the “Scan” (scanning) function key, enter­ Scan Set­(scan measurement setup) interface,
B, Choose “Result” (Analysis) interface to enter­ Result­(Analysis) interface,
C, Press “Graph” (scan results curve) icon mode selection key, it will automatically transfer the stored scan data.

Antenna measurement operation 2 (single scan mode):
In the start screen: Press the “Single” single­frequency mode measurement button, enter Single­ (single scan mode) interface..

a, rotary encoder potentiometer enter th

e center frequency, the specific reference to the above operation “SCAN” sweep measurement mode descriptions.
b, press the ”RUN / Stop”, to start and stop the scan.

Single­frequency mode provides a single frequency impedance measurement, the measured frequency of the basic parameters are displayed on the screen. And to indicate the form of bars and numbers displayed on the screen quickly.
The scanning will not stop, until you press the Stop button.
In this mode, it can be used as an accurate signal generator, please refer to RF out.

ID Callsign Input:

This function has nothing to do with scanning and testing.
1, in the boot screen, press the “system” to enter­System­user interface (Figure ID­1).
2, using the Select (Settings Select) button to select Callsign parameter settings (the name of the selected option will reverse display). (Figure ID­2). Use the top coding switch operation callsign input:
a, selected character will be anti­significant bits, a total of eight characters can be input.
b, rotary coding switch can select: “”, “/”, ‘”0­9″, “AZ” and other characters. The bits can be selected without using the space character ” character, will not be displayed.
c, if you do not want to use the boot interface Callsign display function, please call sign character is all set to blank space.
3, press Exit (Exit) key to exit the menu interface, return to the boot screen. This time the call sign is displayed in the boot interface. (Figure ID­3)

Review Wouxun KG-UV950P

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Rumors about a quad-band made by Wouxun were floating on the Internet for quite a while. Fortunately Wouxun didn’t promise anything light-years in advance this time – not many will have forgotten the KG-UV920R media frenzy years ago.

Look & Feel
The KG-UV950P looks almost identical to its dual-band sibling. The microphone is completely redesigned though, and the microphone connector at the front moved to the left side of the rig. Apart from that they’re difficult to tell apart.

At the back we find the two speaker outputs and one SO-239 antenna connector. Just like with the Yaesu FT-8900R you need to figure out yourself how to construct an antenna system suitable for use on all four bands. As far as I know the Comet UHV-4 and the Diamond CR8900 are the only antennas in existence, but both are specifically designed for mobile use.

For a base station setup isn’t…

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BaoFeng *UV-5R Plus* UV 5R+ Dual-Band




BaoFeng *UV-5R Plus* UV 5R+ Dual-Band 136-174/400-480 MHz FM Ham Two-way Radio, Improved Stronger Case, More Rich and Enhanced Features (2013 Enhanced Version)




Product Features
Frequency Range: 136-174 / 400-479.995 MHz
Upgrade the frame material. Metallic, more durable and more fashionable.
With full high two colors LED definition display, the screen exquisite clarity.
The new English, German, French instruction, more convenient and more humanized.
The New 2013 packing, more beautiful and quite well-done.
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Technical Details
Item Weight 1.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 7 x 6.1 x 3.9 inches
Item model number UV-5R+
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Display Type LCD Screen
Warranty 6 months
Weight 1.2 Pounds


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